Data categories

The program allows you to back up files by categories. When selecting the file category(ies), you automatically select for backup all files of associated types found on the computer’s hard drives. You can use the following default categories: Video, Music, Images, Finance, and Documents. Furthermore, you can add any number of custom categories containing files and folders. The new categories will be saved and displayed along with the above. You can change the contents of any custom or default file category (edit the category) or delete it. The default file categories cannot be deleted.

To add a custom data category, click Add category. To change the default name of a custom category, double-click the name and enter a new one. Select the data source (e.g. a folder) for the new category by clicking the Browse… button. By default the new category will contain All data from the source, but you can apply filters to select the specific types of files that you wish or do not wish to back up.

To set a filter, select its type: Only the following file types or All data except the following file types.

You can add file types for the selected filter by entering their extensions in the appropriate field one at a time and then clicking Add.

The added file types appear in the window below.

Data categories