Backup schemes

Backup schemes along with the scheduler help you to set up your backup strategy. The schemes allow you to optimize backup storage space usage, improve data storage reliability, and automatically delete the obsolete backup versions.

Backup scheme defines the following parameters:

  • Backup methods that will be used to create backup versions (full, differential or incremental)
  • Sequence of the backup versions created using different methods
  • Version cleanup rules

Acronis True Image Home 2011 allows you to choose the following backup schemes:

  • Single version – select this scheme if you want to use the smallest backup storage, or if you back up data that changes insignificantly.
  • Version chain – this is the most recommended and optimal scheme.
  • Custom – select this item if you want to set up a backup scheme manually.

Backup schemes and scheduler

Scheduler settings for the default backup schemes (single version and version chain) are predefined. You should not change the default backup periodicity settings in the scheduler. For disk backups the setting is Monthly, and for file backups – Daily. If you have selected one of the backup schemes and then change the periodicity settings (for instance, from Monthly to Weekly), the backup scheme will automatically reset to a custom backup scheme with the incremental method selected. In this case the version chain will consist of a full backup version and a sequence of incremental backup versions.

Backup schemes