Performance of backup operation

On the Performance tab you can configure the following settings:

Compression level

You can choose the compression level for a backup:

  • None – the data will be copied without any compression, which may significantly increase the backup file size.
  • Normal – the recommended data compression level (set by default).
  • High – higher backup file compression level, takes more time to create a backup.
  • Maximum – maximum backup compression, but takes a long time to create a backup.

The optimal data compression level depends on the type of files stored in the backup. For example, even maximum compression will not significantly reduce the backup size, if the backup contains essentially compressed files, like .jpg, .pdf or .mp3.

Operation priority

Changing the priority of a backup or recovery process can make it run faster or slower (depending on whether you raise or lower the priority), but it can also adversely affect the performance of other running programs. The priority of any process running in a system, determines the amount of CPU usage and system resources allocated to that process. Decreasing the operation priority will free more resources for other CPU tasks. Increasing backup or recovery priority may speed up the process by taking resources from the other currently running processes. The effect will depend on total CPU usage and other factors.

You can set up the operation priority:

  • Low (enabled by default) – the backup or recovery process will run slower, but the performance of other programs will be increased.
  • Normal – the backup or recovery process will have the equal priority with other processes.
  • High – the backup or recovery process will run faster, but the performance of other programs will be reduced. Be aware that selecting this option may result in 100% CPU usage by Acronis True Image Home 2011.

Network connection speed

If you frequently back up data to network drives or FTP, think of limiting the network bandwidth used by Acronis True Image Home 2011.

You can specify the network backup data transfer speed by choosing one of the following:

  • Transferring speed stated as a percent of the highest possible speed – drag the slider to set the desired limit for transferring backup data.
  • Transferring speed stated in kilobytes per second – enter the bandwidth limit for transferring backup data in kilobytes per second.

Performance of backup operation