Removable media settings

When backing up to removable media, you can make this media bootable by writing additional components to it. Thus, you will not need a separate bootable disk.

The following settings are available:

  • Place Acronis True Image Home 2011 (Full version) on media

    Acronis True Image Home 2011 (Full version) – includes support of USB, PC Card (formerly PCMCIA) and SCSI interfaces along with the storage devices connected via them, and therefore is strongly recommended.

  • Place Acronis System Report on media

    Acronis System Report – the component allows you to generate system report that is used for collecting information about your system in case of any program problem. Report generation will be available before you start Acronis True Image Home 2011 from the bootable media. The generated system report can be saved to a USB flash drive.

  • Place Acronis One-Click Restore on media

    Acronis One-Click Restore is a minimal addition to your bootable media, allowing one-click data recovery from an image backup stored on this media. This means that when booting from the media and after clicking Recover, all data will be silently recovered to its original place. No options or selections such as resizing partitions will be possible.

Acronis One-Click Restore can be added to the media only when creating a full backup of an entire hard disk. It cannot be added when creating an incremental or differential backup, as well as backup of a partition. In such case the Place Acronis One-Click Restore on media check box will not be present on the General tab of the current backup options, even if the box is selected in the default Removable media settings.

  • Ask for first media while creating backups on removable media

    You can choose whether to display the Insert First Media prompt when backing up to removable media. With the default setting, backing up to removable media may not be possible if the user is away, because the program will wait for someone to press OK in the prompt box. Therefore, you should disable the prompt when scheduling a backup to removable media. Then, if the removable media is available (for example, CD-R/RW inserted) the backup can run unattended.

If you have other Acronis products installed on your computer, the bootable versions of these programs’ components will be offered as well.

Removable media settings