Consolidating backup versions

Using consolidation of backup versions, you can create a consistent copy of backup while deleting selected backup versions. This allows you to delete the backup versions you no longer need from any backup without harming that backup.

Consolidation creates a consistent copy of the backup that does not contain deleted backup versions. If you select a new location for the consolidated backup, the source backup stays as is unless you delete it. This requires more disk space but ensures security of the backup in case the consolidation fails because of power failure or a lack of disk space.

The current Acronis True Image Home 2011 version does not support consolidation of backups created in the zip format.

Acronis True Image Home 2011 cannot consolidate backup versions created when “editing” partition images mounted in the Read/Write mode.

To consolidate backup versions in a backup:

  • Select a backup for consolidation on the main screen
  • Click Operations on the selected backup’s box and select More ® Consolidate versions
  • Follow the wizard’s steps

You cannot choose another location when consolidating backup versions located in the Acronis Secure Zone.

Consolidating backup versions