Result location

Specify the place where you want to save the archive copy and its name. By default, the program suggests the same location and the source archive name. Your original archive will be overwritten.

To specify another location for the consolidated archive:

  • Select the New location item and click the Browse button. Specify the location where you want the consolidated archive to be stored to from the drives tree.

    If required, you can create a new folder in the selected location (by clicking the Acronis True Image Home 3884 Result location Create new folder button), or delete the unnecessary folder (by clicking the Acronis True Image Home 3885 Result location Delete button).

  • In the File name field enter a name for the consolidated archive, or click the Acronis True Image Home 3886 Result location Generate name button to generate the name automatically.
  • If you don’t need the original archive, you may delete it by selecting the Delete the original archive check box
  • Click Next to continue.

You cannot choose another location when consolidating backups in an archive located in Acronis Secure Zone.

Result location