Excluding items from backup

If you want to exclude unnecessary files from a backup, specify the appropriate file types in the File Exclusion window.

To exclude files, click What to exclude in the Disk Backup, File Backup or Nonstop Backup window.

You can exclude hidden and system files from a backup by selecting the corresponding check boxes.

In addition, you can exclude files meeting the criteria you specify. To do this, select the Files matching the following criteria check box, enter the exclusion criterion, and then click Add.

By default, the program excludes from backups files with the following extensions: .~, .tmp, and .tib.

You can enter explicit file names for exclusion from the backup:

file.ext – all such files will be excluded from the backup.

C:\file.ext- the file.ext file on the C: disk will be excluded.

You can also use wildcards:

*.ext – all files with a .ext extension will be excluded.

C:\*.ext – files located in the root of partition C with a .ext extension will be excluded.

f_name.* – files named f_name with any extension will be excluded.

??name.ext – all files with a .ext extension, having six letters in their names (starting with any two symbols (??) and ending with name), will be excluded.

To delete a criterion, for example, added by mistake, click the Delete icon to the right of the criterion.

To cancel changes in the items to be excluded, click Cancel.

After you make changes in the items to be excluded, click OK to confirm the changes and exit from the File Exclusion window.

Excluding items from backup