Protecting your system continuously

You can use Acronis Nonstop Backup for protecting entire system partition as well. If you have sufficient storage space, Acronis Nonstop Backup can simultaneously protect more than one partition.

To protect the system partition continuously:

  1. Click Nonstop Backup on the main screen. This will open the Nonstop Backup window.
  2. Click Switch to partition mode in the upper right-hand corner of the Nonstop Backup window. The partitions that exist on the local hard disks will appear in the What to back up area. Select the system partition by selecting the appropriate check box.
  3. Select a destination for nonstop backup (you can leave the default destination or browse for a destination after clicking on the current destination and selecting a suitable destination from the dropdown list).

    You cannot select the partition to be protected as the destination for Nonstop Backup storage.

  4. The nonstop backup will get a default name, but if you would like to assign another name, type the name in the Backup name field.
  5. Click the Start now button to start protecting the selected partition(s) immediately.

Nonstop Backup and Try&Decide cannot work simultaneously. If you click the Start now button when the Try mode is turned on, the program will display a message that Nonstop Backup cannot start while you are working in the Try mode. To start Nonstop Backup, you will need to finish a Try&Decide session.

You can exclude from protection files that match the criteria you specify. To add exclusion criteria, click the Add link to the right of Exclusions. While adding criteria, you can use the common Windows wildcard characters. For more information see Excluding items from backup.

Protecting your system continuously