Files and folders tab

The Files and folders tab shows the backed up files and folders contained in the selected backup version. The left-hand area of the tab shows a directory tree and the right-hand area – the contents of a selected directory tree item.

The tab shows the files and folders states of when the current backup version was created. You can switch between the backup versions by using the time line at the bottom of the screen. For more information on using the time line see Time line.

To recover files and/or folders:

  1. On the time line, select the backup version, from which you want to recover your files/folders.

    The version’s exact date and time will be displayed near the backup name. Your data will be recovered to the state it was at this point in time.

  2. Select the corresponding check boxes of the files and folders you want to recover (see selection rules below). Short information about the selected items (their number and total size) will be displayed near the Recover button.
  3. Click the Recover button.

You can also recover files and folders by dragging them to your Desktop or into a selected folder in Windows Explorer.

You cannot recover files by dragging them to an FTP, recordable CD/DVD or other optical media, as well as mounted ISO files.

Selection rules

Check boxes that correspond to the items may be in the following states:

  • Selected (check mark in square) – this state indicates that the item is selected for recovery. A selected folder means that all items in the folder are selected.
  • Cleared (clear square) – this state indicates that the item is not selected.
  • Mixed (filled square) – this state is available for folders only and indicates that some items in the folder are selected and the others are not. Note that you cannot set the state by clicking the check box, but you can change it to a cleared or selected state.

Selecting a disk, partition, file or folder to make it the current item in a list does not mean selecting it for recovery!

The majority of user interface elements located on this tab are described in the Disks and partitions tab section. Here we describe the items specific for the tab.

When you click an item, short information on this item is displayed under the browser area. The set of displayed parameters depends on the item’s type. Clicking the View versions link opens the View Versions window with a list of all versions of the file in the backup. You can recover a desired version by its backup time.

By double-clicking on a file in the right-hand area, you will recover the file to a temporary folder. Then Acronis True Image Home 2011 will open the file using the associated application.

Files and folders tab