Integration settings

You can select the Acronis components that should be integrated into Windows.

  • Acronis console in Windows Control Panel (available for Windows 7 users only)

    Select this item to replace Windows Backup with Acronis console in the Windows Control Panel. In such a case, you will be able to manage your backups without running Acronis True Image Home 2011.

  • The Acronis Recovery tab in the Properties window

    Select this item to add the Acronis Recovery tab to the Properties window. To open the window, in Windows Explorer, right-click the required file or folder, and then click Properties. The Acronis Recovery tab allows you to view and recover versions of the selected file or folder.

  • Shortcut menu commands

    In Windows Explorer, right-clicking on a file, folder, partition or disk opens the shortcut menu. Along with Windows commands, this menu may contain Acronis commands, such as Back Up, Acronis Recovery, etc.

Integration settings