Backup assistant

If you want to protect your data, but you are not sure what data to protect and how to do this, the backup assistant will help you to make an optimum choice. In a few simple steps, you will create a backup of your data. The backup will allow you to recover your data to a known good state in case of corruption. Now let’s go through the backup assistant steps together. Click Use backup assistant on the Welcome screen. Then decide for yourself:

What do you want to back up?

  • My computer – select this item to back up your system partition. Such a backup allows you to protect all data on your system partition and recover your system if needed. To better protect your system from a crash, you must create a bootable rescue media or activate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. This will allow you to recover your system if Windows does not start.
  • Files and folders – select this item to back up your documents, including photos, videos, music, text files and any other files and folders. Such a backup allows to recover your documents from a virus attack, accidental deletion and corruption.
  • E-mail – select this item to back up your e-mail messages, address book, settings, and accounts. Such a backup allows you to recover them in case of e-mail data loss or corruption.

After you have decided what data to back up, click Next and we’ll help you to continue with the backup process.

How do you want to protect your computer or data?

  • Back up on a schedule – this method allows you to back up your data on a regular basis by specifying your own schedule for backup operations. The program will back up your data according to the schedule you specify.
  • Use nonstop protection – this method is much easier to use than backing up on a schedule, but it requires more disk space. Your changed data will be backed up automatically every 5 minutes. Every data change will be saved and you will be able to recover your data state for any date and time.
  • Store in online storage (available only when you have selected Files and folders in the previous step) – you can purchase safe storage for your data. This safe storage is located on an Acronis remote server which is accessible via the Internet. Keeping data in this online storage guarantees that you will be able to recover the data even if your home computer was physically destroyed or stolen.

After you choose what data to back up and the optimal protection method, the program will display the window from which you will start the backup process. This window contains all of the settings for your backup. These settings were configured by the program according to the choices you made. If you want, you can change them, and set other options. After you have made sure that all settings are correct, click the Back up now button (or Start now, if you have chosen nonstop protection) to start the backup operation. After that a new backup box will appear in the My backups list and will show the backup progress. When the process is complete, the backup is created. Now your data is protected and can be recovered in case of disaster.

The Acronis True Image Home 2011 Online Backup application will start if you select a backup to online storage. After the application starts, login to your Online Backup account or register a new account. To register the account, click the Subscribe to Online Backup service link.

Backup assistant