Limitations in using Acronis Universal Restore

1. The system recovered by Acronis Universal Restore might not start, if the partition structure in the image or the target disk partitioning does not coincide with that of the source disk. The loader restored from the image will point to the wrong partition and the system will not boot or will malfunction.

This may occur if you:

  • back up only selected partitions but not the entire source disk
  • restore only selected partitions and not the entire source disk. In some cases, especially if your system resides on a partition other than the original one, this can confuse the loader and prevent the restored system from rebooting.

To avoid this problem, we recommend that you back up and recover the entire system disk.

2. The Acronis Universal Restore option does not work if a computer is booted with Acronis Startup Recovery Manager (using F11) or the backup image is located in Acronis Secure Zone. This is because Acronis Startup Recovery Manager and Acronis Secure Zone are primarily meant for data recovery on the same computer.

Limitations in using Acronis Universal Restore