Recovering file versions

If you need to recover a specific version of a file, select the file in the Backup Explorer. When you select the file, the View versions link appears below the file size information. Clicking the link opens the View Versions window with a list of all versions of the file in the backup.

You can also select the file in Windows Explorer. Right-click and choose View versions in the shortcut menu.

Until you select a file version in the View Versions window, the Open and Recover… buttons remain disabled. Selecting a file version enables the buttons:

Select the required version by its backup time and click the Recover… button. This will open the File Recovery window. Select the destination and recover the file version to the folder of your choice. For more information see Recovering data from file-level backups.

You can also recover the version by dragging it into a selected folder in Windows Explorer.

To choose the correct version, you can open the version in the associated application and view the file contents. Choose the version by its backup time, and then click the Open button. Acronis True Image Home 2011 will recover the file version to a temporary folder. Then it will open the file using the associated application.

Recovering file versions