Notifications for recovery operation

Sometimes a backup or recovery procedure can last an hour or longer. Acronis True Image Home 2011 can notify you when it is finished via e-mail. The program can also duplicate messages issued during the operation or send you the full operation log after operation completion.

By default all notifications are disabled.

Free disk space threshold

You may want to be notified when the free space on the backup storage becomes less than the specified threshold value. If after starting a backup Acronis True Image Home 2011 finds out that the free space in the selected backup location is already less than the specified value, the program will not begin the actual backup process and will immediately inform you by displaying an appropriate message. The message offers you three choices – to ignore it and proceed with the backup, to browse for another location for the backup or to cancel the backup.

If the free space becomes less than the specified value while the backup is being run, the program will display the same message and you will have to make the same decisions.

To set the free disk space threshold:

  • Select the Show notification message on insufficient free disk space check box
  • In the Size box, type or select a threshold value and select a unit of measure

Acronis True Image Home 2011 can monitor free space on the following storage devices:

  • Local hard drives
  • USB cards and drives
  • Network shares (SMB/NFS)

The message will not be displayed if the Do not show messages and dialogs while processing (silent mode) check box is selected in the Error handling settings.

This option cannot be enabled for FTP servers and CD/DVD drives.

E-mail notification

You can specify an e-mail account that will be used for notifying you of the recovery process.

To specify the e-mail settings:

  • Select the Send e-mail notifications about the operation state check box.
  • Enter the e-mail address in the E-mail address field. You can enter several e-mail addresses in a semicolon-delimited format.
  • Enter the outgoing mail server (SMTP) in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field.
  • Set the port of the outgoing mail server. By default the port is set to 25.
  • Enter the user name in the User name field.
  • Enter the password in the Password field.
  • If you want the client e-mail program to handle messages according to the set policy, for example, to put messages into the specified folder, specify the subject in the Subject field.
  • To check whether your settings are correct, click the Send test message button.

Additional notification settings:

  • To send a notification concerning process completion, select the Send notification upon operation’s successful completion check box.
  • To send a notification concerning process failure, select the Send notification upon operation failure check box.
  • To send a notification with operation messages, select the Send notification when user interaction is required check box.

To send a notification with full log of operations, select the Add full log to the notification check box.

Notifications for recovery operation