Adding a new hard disk

If you do not have enough space for your data (e.g. family photos and videos), you can either replace the old disk with a new higher-capacity one (data transfers to new disks are described in the previous chapter), or add a new disk only to store data, leaving the system on the old disk. If the computer has a bay for another disk, it would be easier to add a disk drive than to clone one.

To add a new disk, you must first install it in your PC.

To add a new hard disk:

  • Click Tools & Utilities in the main menu and then click Add new disk on the Tools & Utilities screen.
  • Follow the Add new disk Wizard steps

If there are any partitions on the new disk, they must be deleted first. If the added disk contains partitions, Acronis will warn you by displaying the warning message. Click OK to delete the existing partitions on the added disk.

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Adding a new hard disk