Selecting a source disk

You can determine the source and destination using the information provided in this window (disk number, capacity, label, partition and file system information). If the program finds several partitioned disks, it will ask you which is the source (i.e. the older data disk).

The current Acronis True Image Home 2011 version does not support cloning of dynamic and GPT disks.

  • Select the source disk and click Next to continue.

Viewing disk and partition information

  • Acronis True Image Home 3870 Selecting a source disk Columns – selects the columns to display. You can change the width of a column by dragging its borders with the mouse.
  • Acronis True Image Home 6998 Selecting a source disk Disk properties (duplicated in the context menu, invoked by right-clicking objects) – opens the selected partition or disk properties window.

    This window contains two panels. The left panel contains the properties tree and the right describes the selected property in detail. The disk information includes its physical parameters (connection type, device type, size, etc.); partition information includes both physical (sectors, location, etc.), and logical (file system, free space, assigned letter, etc.) parameters.

Selecting a source disk