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Acronis True Image Home 2011 contains utilities for secure destruction of data on an entire hard disk drive, and individual partitions. It can also erase individual files and eliminate traces of user system activity.

When replacing your old hard drive with a new, higher-capacity one, you may accidentally leave personal and confidential information on the old disk. This information could be retrieved even if you have reformatted the disk.

The Acronis DriveCleanser provides for the destruction of confidential information on hard disk drives and/or partitions with the help of techniques that meet or exceed most national and state standards. You can select an appropriate data destruction method depending on the importance of your confidential information.

The File Shredder provides the same capabilities for individual files and folders.

Finally, the System Clean-up wizard ensures elimination of all of the traces of your computer activities When working on a PC, you leave thousands of bytes of evidence showing your actions. You may not even be aware of these traces. This could include user names and passwords, as well as other personal information that could be used to steal your identity if it fell into the wrong hands. This utility wipes them all completely away from the disk drive.

The data destruction methods are described in detail in Hard Disk Wiping methods of this guide.

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