Acronis DriveCleanser

Many operating systems do not provide users with secure data destruction tools, so deleted files can be recovered easily by using simple applications. Even a complete disk reformat cannot guarantee permanent confidential data destruction.

Acronis DriveCleanser solves this problem with guaranteed and permanent data destruction on selected hard disks and/or partitions. It allows you to select from a number of data destruction algorithms depending on the importance of your confidential information.

Working with Acronis DriveCleanser

Acronis DriveCleanser allows you to perform the following:

  • clean up the selected hard disks or partitions using preset algorithms
  • create and execute custom user algorithms of hard disk clean-up.

Acronis DriveCleanser is based on a wizard that scripts all hard disk operations, so no data destruction is performed until you click Proceed in the wizard’s Summary window. At any moment, you can return to the previous steps to select other disks, partitions or data destruction algorithms.

To permanently destroy data on your disk:

  • Click Tools & Utilities on the toolbar, and select Acronis DriveCleanser.
  • Follow the Acronis DriveCleanser wizard steps.

Acronis DriveCleanser