Data selection

First, you must select the hard disk partitions where you want to destroy data.

To select a partition, click the corresponding rectangle. You will see a red mark in the upper right corner indicating that the partition is selected.

You can select an entire hard disk or several disks for data destruction. To do this, click the rectangle corresponding to the hard disk (with a device icon, disk number and capacity).

You can simultaneously select several partitions located on different hard disk drives or on several disks, as well as unallocated space on disks.

Acronis DriveCleanser cannot wipe partitions on dynamic and GPT disks, so they will not be shown in the Source selection window.

Click Next to continue.

If the disks and/or partitions you have selected include the system disk or partition, you will see a warning window.

Be careful, because clicking OK in this warning window and then Proceed in the Summary window will result in wiping the system partition containing your Windows operating system.

Data selection