System Clean-up

The System Clean-up wizard enables you to securely remove all traces of your PC actions stored by Windows.

It can carry out the following operations:

  • Securely destroy data in the Windows Recycle Bin
  • Remove temporary files from appropriate Windows folders
  • Clean up hard disk free space of any traces of information previously stored on it
  • Remove traces of file and computer searches on connected disks and computers in the local area network
  • Clean the recently used documents list
  • Clean the Windows Run list
  • Clean the opened/saved files history
  • Clean the list of network places to which the user has connected using network credentials
  • Clean the Windows prefetch directory, where Windows stores information about programs you have executed and run recently

Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not store information on file and computer searches. Furthermore, information on opened/saved files is stored differently in the registry, so the wizard shows this information in a different way.


Please, be aware that Windows stores passwords until the session ends, so cleaning the list of network user credentials will not take effect until you end the current Windows session by logging out or by rebooting the computer.

After you run the wizard by selecting Tools & Utilities ® System Clean-up in the main program menu, it will search for any traces of user actions stored by Windows. When the search is finished, its results will be available at the top of the wizard window.

You can view the search results and manually select the items you wish to remove.

If you want to change the default system clean-up settings, click the corresponding link in the first window of the System Clean-up wizard.

Click Clean-up to launch removing the found items.

System Clean-up