Clean-up settings

In the clean-up settings window you can change the clean-up settings for every system component. Some of these settings apply to all components.

To change the clean-up settings for a component:

  • Expand the System Components item in the tree and select the component clean-up settings which you need to change. You can enable or disable scanning of the component by the Clean-up wizard. To do this, select or clear the Enable check box.

    If required, you can also expand a component and customize the desired data destruction method, files to clean, clean-up registry search strings you have used for finding computers in the local network, etc. To do this, click the triangle near the component, select an option from the list and specify the settings.

  • After you set the desired components’ properties, click OK to save your settings. These settings will be used as default next time you launch the Clean-up wizard.

If you have already changed the clean-up settings before, you can always return to the program defaults by clicking the Restore Defaults button.

System components:

  • Recycle Bin
  • Temporary files
  • Hard disk free space
  • Find Computer list
  • Find File list
  • Recently Used Documents list
  • Windows Run List
  • Opened/saved files history
  • User Credentials
  • Windows Prefetch Directory

Clean-up settings