When the scanning is finished, its results will be available in the upper part of the wizard window. By default, all system components are scanned for clean-up. If you want to customize which of the system components should be scanned and which should not, change the default clean-up settings.

You can view the search results and manually select/unselect the items you wish to clean up/keep. In order to help you with making the right choice, all the components are provided with brief descriptions. Just click on the component’s name and its description will be displayed in the right side of the window.

To select/unselect a component

  • Expand the System Components item in the System Clean-up tree and make sure that the component you wish to clean up is selected. If you do not want to clean up a component, simply clear its check box.
  • If required, you can dig deeper by expanding a component and selecting/unselecting its contents.

Having specified the components for clean-up, click the Clean-up button to continue.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not keep information on file and computer searches. Furthermore, information on opened/saved files is stored in the registry differently, so the wizard shows this information in a different way.