The Computers setting is used for cleaning up the registry search strings you have used for finding computers in the local network. These strings keep information on what has interested you in the network. These items should also be deleted to maintain confidentiality.

The Computers setting is similar to the Files setting. It is a string that can contain any number of full or partial computer names separated by semicolons. The deletion of computer search strings is based on a comparison with the Computers setting value according to Windows rules.

If you simply need to delete all local network computer search strings (suitable in most cases), just leave the default value of this setting. To restore the default settings:

  • Select the Find Computer List component
  • Make sure the Enable check box is selected
  • Select the Computers setting; make sure its text box is clear.

As a result, all computer search strings will be deleted from the registry.

After entering the Computers setting value, you can browse the search strings found by the System Clean-up Wizard in the registry. To do so, click Show Computers. You will see the window with full and partial computer names searched for in the network. These items will be deleted.