Acronis Boot Sequence Manager

Acronis Boot Sequence Manager allows you to add Windows 7 system partition images to the booting list and then manage the list.

You can add to the list images backed up both in the vhd and tib formats. Adding a tib image requires converting it into the vhd format. More detailed information on booting from tib images is provided in the previous section.

Actual booting is carried out using Windows boot loader. Acronis Boot Sequence Manager just adds virtual disks (vhd files) to the Windows boot loader’ list of disks available for booting to Windows 7.

If you do not select from where to boot, then by default the computer boots from the first entry in the booting list after waiting for a time interval specified in the Boot Timeout field. To change the default boot disk (either physical or virtual), you can move entries up and down in the list using the corresponding buttons on the toolbar.

Clicking the Rename button allows you to assign a desired name to a list entry.

When you no longer need an entry in the list, you can remove it by clicking Remove on the toolbar.

The Remove all button allows you to remove all entries related to virtual disks and restore the original booting configuration.

The Acronis Boot Sequence Manager tool is only available for users of the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows 7.

Acronis Boot Sequence Manager