Acronis Smart Error Reporting

To help users with troubleshooting, the new releases of Acronis products employ the so called Acronis Smart Error Reporting. When an issue is caused by an error in the program’s operation, Acronis True Image Home 2011 displays an appropriate error message. The error message contains an event code and a short description of the error (sometimes with a possible solution), for instance:

“Check the disk and file system for errors and try to repeat the operation

Event Code: 0x000101F6″

The error message may also include the program module where the error has occurred and the error message from the module.

You can view more detailed information about the error by clicking the More details link in the message box. The detailed information may look like as is shown on the following screen shot:

To view the Acronis Knowledge Base article suggesting a solution(s) for correcting the error, click the Knowledge Base button.

This will open a confirmation window that lists the information to be sent via Internet to the Acronis Knowledge Base. Click OK to permit sending the information.

If in future you would like to send such information without confirmation, select the Always send without confirmation check box.

If you do not have Internet access when such an error message is shown (this may happen, for example, when booted from the rescue media), please write down the event code. When you establish Internet connection or if you can use another computer where Internet connection is available, use the following URL to go to the Acronis Web site error reporting form:

Select the Acronis product version you use and manually enter the event code into the appropriate field. Then, click the Search button to search for an article that may contain the solution to your issue.

Sometimes, an error may occur in a low-level program module and then propagate to higher-level modules resulting in errors in those modules as well. This is a so called composite error, where every higher level module generates its own error (event) code. The following error message is an example:

“Failed to start Try & Decide

More information about this error and an applicable solution may be available online in the Acronis Knowledge base.

To access the online resource manually, enter the event code at:

Event code: 0×00970007+0×00970016+0×00970002″

The event codes from different modules are combined with “+” symbols. When manually entering such event codes into the appropriate field to search in the Knowledge Base, enter the event code components without spaces around the “+” symbols.

If the event code(s) is not recognized in the Knowledge Base, the base does not yet contain an article to resolve the issue. In such cases, please open a trouble ticket with Acronis Customer Central.

Acronis Smart Error Reporting