Acronis System Report

When you contact the Acronis support team, they will usually need information about your system in order to resolve your problem. Sometimes getting the information is an inconvenient process and may take a long time. The Generate system report tool simplifies the procedure. It generates a system report containing all the necessary technical information and allows you to save the information to file. When it’s necessary, you can attach the created file to your problem description and send it to Acronis support team. This will simplify and speed up the search for a solution.

To generate a system report:

  • On the main program window click the Help arrow, and select Generate system report, or
  • Press CTRL+F7. Note that you can use the key combination even when Acronis True Image Home 2011 is performing any other operation.

After the report is generated:

  • To save the generated system report to file, click Save and in the opened window specify a location for the created file.
  • To save the report to file and send it to Acronis support team by e-mail, click Save and send.
  • To exit to the main program window without saving the report, click Cancel.

You can place the tool on your bootable rescue media as a separate component to be able to generate a system report when your computer cannot boot. After you boot from the media, you will be able to generate the report even without running Acronis True Image Home 2011. In this case you should plug in a USB flash drive before clicking the Acronis System Report icon. The generated report will be saved on the USB flash drive.

To place the Acronis System Report tool on a bootable rescue media:

  • Select the Acronis System Report check box on the Rescue Media Content Selection page of the Acronis Media Builder wizard.
  • Click Next to continue.

Acronis System Report