Creating a custom rescue CD

In most cases you can use a standard rescue CD created with a help of Acronis Media Builder. For more information see Creating bootable rescue media.

If the recovery environment cannot detect some of the hard disk drives or the network adapter, usually there is a problem with the drivers. So when the standard rescue CD lacks some of your hardware drivers, you need to create a custom one.

The Linux-based recovery environment used by Acronis does not provide the ability for users to add new drivers. Because of this, you should request Acronis Customer Service Department to create a custom rescue CD that will have all the drivers you need.

Before making a request, collect the information about your system. Select Generate System Report in the Help menu. Acronis True Image Home 2011 will automatically collect the required information and display a list of what is collected in the report. In the process of creating the report the program may install some components required for collecting the necessary information. When the report is complete, click Save As and select the desired folder or leave the default My Documents folder. The program will archive the report into a zip file. Send the file to the Acronis Customer Service Department. They will build an iso image of a custom rescue media compatible with your computer hardware and send you an iso file. Burn this file to a CD/DVD using a program that can handle iso files such as Nero. Incidentally, this report may also be useful when you request the Acronis Customer Service Department to help you with a problem.

After burning your custom rescue CD, test it to make sure that your hard disk drives and network adapter are now detected in the recovery environment.

Creating a custom rescue CD