General recommendations

The below information may help you in troubleshooting issues encountered during installation and use of Acronis True Image Home 2011.

Quite often the cause of an issue may be trivial. For example, a loose connection of an external hard drive. Before trying other solutions described in this chapter, it is advisable to check if the issue is caused by one of the following:

  • loose connections to the external drive;
  • poor quality connecting cable;

When using an external USB hard drive, try the following additional suggestions:

  • if the drive is connected through a hub, connect it directly to a rear connector of your PC;
  • to prevent conflict with other USB devices attached to your PC, try disconnecting all the USB devices (except the mouse and keyboard).

You can try to find the solution to your problem in the Acronis Support Knowledge Base (KB). To access the Support KB, click on the following link: Then use the Search function. Enter the key words related to your problem into the appropriate field and click Search. The KB may have recommendations on solving your specific problem. Acronis Support team continuously adds new articles to the KB. If you are not able to find the solution to your problem in the KB or the suggested solution(s) does not help, feel free to contact Acronis Customer Central at

When your issue is an error encountered during Acronis True Image Home 2011 operation, the error message box will contain the Knowledge Base button. Clicking the button will take you to a Support KB article offering solution(s) for the issue that caused the error. The error message box will also have a link to the Acronis Support KB. This link may be useful when the KB does not have the appropriate article yet. Clicking the link will take you to a Web form. There, you can enter the event code displayed in the error box to search for a solution in the entire KB. For more information, see Acronis Smart Error Reporting.

System report

Acronis Support personnel may request you to provide the system report. To create the report, select Generate system report in the Help menu, then save the report and send it to Acronis Customer Central. For more information see Acronis System Report.

General recommendations