Using Windows Search with Acronis True Image Home 2011

If you use any edition of Windows Vista or Windows 7 that has built-in Desktop Search functionality or Windows Desktop Search 3.0 or later, you can enable indexing for tib files.

If you do not have Windows Search installed, but would like to use it, you can download Windows Search 4.0 for free from Microsoft’s Web site. To download, click Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions for installation.

Windows Search does not support indexing of zip files content.

  1. To register the plug-in, click the down arrow to the right of the Search field at the upper right corner of the main program window. Then choose Search options in the drop-down menu and select the Windows Search check box.
  2. You can verify that the tib files indexing support is enabled. Right-click on the Windows Search icon in your system tray and select Windows Desktop Search Options… in the context menu. The following window appears. Make sure that the “tib://…” item is present in the Included Locations list.

    To open the Indexing Options window in Windows Vista or Windows 7, open the Control Panel and then double-click the Indexing Options icon. The Windows Vista and Windows 7 indexing options have some differences in content and appearance, though most of the following information is applicable to those operating systems as well.

  3. Click Advanced, select the File Types tab and then make sure that the tib extension is selected and “.tib IFilter” is shown in the Filter Description field. Select Index Properties and File Contents.
  4. Click OK and while the Indexing Options window is open, check that the disks where you store your backups are shown in the “Included Locations” list. If the list does not contain those disks, the backups will not be indexed. To include the disks, click Modify and select them in the window that appears.

If you store backups on a network share, Windows Search can index them too. You just have to add the share to the Indexed Locations list by typing the appropriate UNC path after selecting the Add UNC Location tab of Advanced Options.

Give Windows Search some time for indexing Acronis backups on your computer’s hard disks and adding the indexing information to its index database. The required time depends on the number of backups and the number of files they contain. After completing the indexing, the Windows Search will be able to search files in tib backups.

The search engines in Windows Search and Windows Vista or Windows 7 have similar functionalities, though search results are presented somewhat differently.

Using Windows Search with Acronis True Image Home 2011