Starting the Try mode

To start the Try mode:

  • Click Try & Decide in the main program menu.
  • Set up the Try&Decide options:
  • Start the Try mode by clicking the Try & Decide icon. The program starts tracking all changes made to the OS and files and temporarily stores all the changes on the selected disk.

Every “soft” reboot of your computer while in the Try mode will result in adding up to 500 MB of Try&Decide’s housekeeping data into the storage selected for storing virtual changes. This data will be added even if the protected partition has not changed between reboots.

Having performed all the changes you wanted to try, click the Try & Decide icon again to turn off the Try mode. The program will ask if you want to apply or to discard the changes.

Acronis True Image Home 2011 will track changes until the disk space in the location selected for storing virtual changes remains sufficient for applying the changes if you choose to apply them. Then the program will alert you that the time has come to make a decision on whether to apply or discard the changes made so far. If you choose to not heed the alert message, the program will automatically restart the system when the disk is full, discarding the changes in the process of rebooting. At that point, all changes will be lost.

Starting the Try mode