Try&Decide options and notifications

To view or edit the default options of the Try&Decide feature, select Tools & Utilities -> Try&Decide on the toolbar. The options and notifications will be displayed in the corresponding areas of the main window.

You can change the following Try&Decide options and notifications:

  • Protected partitions: specify the partitions you want to protect from unauthorized changes during a Try&Decide session. By default, T&D protects the system partition (Disk C), though you may add other partitions or disks in your system.
  • Storage for virtual changes: specify where Try&Decide will store information about virtual changes to your system. By default, T&D saves the information to a free space on Disk C. You can also choose as such place Acronis Secure Zone or another logical disk or hard drive.

    When choosing to protect more than one partition, you cannot select one of the partitions to be protected to store virtual changes. In addition, you cannot select an external hard disk drive.

  • Notifications – specify whether Try&Decide should alert you when it uses up all the space allotted for saving virtual changes and after a specified time period has passed. By default all notifications are On. To change the default settings, click Change alert settings….

Note, that after configuring the settings, you will always be able to recover their default values. To do so, click the Reset settings to default button.

Try&Decide options and notifications