Size of Acronis Secure Zone

You can specify the size of the Acronis Secure Zone.

The minimum size is about 50 MB, depending on the geometry of the hard disk. The maximum size is equal to the disk’s unallocated space plus the total free space on all partitions selected at the previous step.

When creating/enlarging the Acronis Secure Zone, the program will first use the unallocated space. If the unallocated space is not enough to achieve the desired size, the selected partitions will be decreased in size. Resizing of partitions may require the computer to be rebooted.

When reducing the size of the Acronis Secure Zone, if there is any unallocated space on the hard disk, it will be allocated to the selected partitions along with the space freed up from the Acronis Secure Zone. Thus, no unallocated space will remain on the disk.

Please, keep in mind that reducing a system partition to the minimum size may prevent your operating system from booting-up.

To specify the size of the Acronis Secure Zone:

  • Drag the slider to the appropriate position or type an exact value into the Acronis Secure Zone: size field.

Size of Acronis Secure Zone